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For the wedding of the Lamb has come!

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The voice of my beloved    



Hear the voice of my beloved    

Gently call at close of day    

Come my love, come and meet me    

Rise oh rise and come away.

Winter's dark will soon be over    

And the rain is nearly done    

Flowers bloom and trees are budding    

Time for singing has begun.

I have waited through the shadow    

For my Lord to call for me.    

Now the morning breaks eternal    

In its sight His face I see    

Now the morning breaks eternal    

And at last His face I see.

When you see the fields re-budding    

You will know the summer's near    

And when you hear the words I've spoken    

You will know my coming's near    

So keep on listening my beloved    

For my coming's very near.


Cynthia Clawson


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