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For the wedding of the Lamb has come!

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Behold Your Bride

Beloved Lord, behold your bride, broken, tired and gray. How could you wed a man like this, who threw so many years away ?
No virgin bride in any way, seduced by pleasures, lust and sin, I come to you with broken heart, Oh husband let me in...
Unclean, impure, before the groom, I long for your embrace. Consumed by shame, destroyed by guilt, I cannot look into your face.
Oh tell me Lord, can I be cleansed ? and if so at what cost. Can even you heal innocence, so long stolen, so long lost ?
A worthy bride comes at a price, but who would pay for one like me ? You've paid the price ? No further cost ? Oh love, how can this be ?
With your own flesh, with your own blood, yea, with your very life... Is it thus that I must be, a widow ere a wife.
But no, these are much different vows, for not by death are we to part. But by the death of sin and flesh, were joined together heart to heart.
The wedding table thus is set, the sacrifice becomes the feast. A marriage for eternity, The Greatest to the least.
Oh Lord, A man I come to you, and yet a trembling bride. My heart would sing my love for you, my lips the same confide.
But it is not my love for you which brings forth all my tears. But rather that you first loved me, And cast out all my fears.

by Daniel Faulkner Anno Domini 1999


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